VA benefits resource hub: The Modus Operandi of Vets What’s Next

To our Veterans, Service Members, and all others in our Country’s Uniform, may God always bless you. We cannot thank you enough for your service and your sacrifice.

VetsWhatsNext is a first of its kind service platform which graces and serves VA benefits which are more than well deserved by our battle heroes, in a comfortable manner. After all, soldiers are the pride of our nation who are serving the country at the risk and expense of their lives.

VetsWhatsNext works towards providing for our Veterans and transitioning active-duty Service Member of the armed forces, the post-service VA benefits, and aims to help them live their life.After.Military.

Some of our services

The services that VWN are happy to provide to our Veterans and Service Members range from

  • Helping the transitioning Service Memberfind a job before they transition from one location to another
  • Providing a living for Veterans who were deemed homeless after serving.
  • Providing a hub of all the VA benefits that could be of use to our strengthen.

The Modus Operandi of Vets Whats Next

The Modus Operandi of VWN is the ideation of simple and sophisticated methods of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To build a platform that would help in providing VA benefits to everyone who has served in the military.

Service Members will be offered job opportunities and other necessary resources to help start reclaiming their life serving.

These VA benefits are available to the acclaimed individuals through our website and mobile application. Both of which have an easy-to-use interface and thus can be used by any individual. We offer a variety of utilities to be used on VWN website and our mobile application:

-The ServiceMember will be able to make use of the VA benefits such as searching for military jobs or any other jobs post service,

-The necessary resources will be available for the soldiers and their families,

-The Veterans will be assisted so as to where they need to go to get their VA entitlements. Like their VA Claims Assistance, VA Home Buying, VA education, and other Veteran benefits;

-The latest news updates will be posted on the VWN application to keep the audience updated with whatever is happening on the military front,

-Patriotic merchandise is available on the VWN online store to increase the vigor and vivacity in the fellow countrymen.

The main target of VetsWhatsNext is to reach out to all the Millennials, GenX and Senior Veterans, Active Service members, Veteran supported businesses and others who are supporters of this cause and the military of our country.

As mentioned above, VetsWhatsNext is a first of its kind and an all-in-one consolidated HUB. Which promises to serve VA benefits to the post-service soldiers and their families to help them live a good life. After. Military.