Military Discount Electronics: Which Stores Offer Them?

Did you know that recycling one million laptops saves the energy equal to the electricity used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year? In 2019, Americans created about 6.92 million tons of electronics waste, but only about 15 percent of e-waste was recycled.

The amount of e-waste generated every year shouldn’t be surprising. With technology constantly evolving, you’ll likely find yourself replacing outdated technology or buying new electronics in the next year.

If you’re a veteran or active-duty military, did you know that some stores offer a military discount for electronics?

Before you run to the nearest store to buy a new phone, laptop, or another electronic, keep reading to find out where you can save some cash.

Apple Military Discount

If you’re looking for a new computer, tablet, phone, or other Apple device, you’re in luck. Apple offers a ten percent discount to veterans and current U.S Military, National Guard, and Reserve members. In addition, that discount extends to immediate family members who live in the same household.

To get the discount, you need to verify your active duty or veteran status using

Samsung Military Discount

If Apple products aren’t your thing, you aren’t left out. Samsung also offers a discount to veterans and active-duty military. The discount also applies to family members.

Samsung offers up to 30 percent off.

Best Buy Military Discount

When it comes to Best Buy, you may or may not be in luck with your electronics purchase. While some Best Buy stores offer a ten percent discount to veterans and active-duty military, that’s not a corporate policy.

This means you need to check with your local store to see if they offer the discount. Here’s the good news, though, Best Buy has a trade-in program even if the store doesn’t provide a discount.

With this program, you can trade-in your old device and receive a gift card for your next Best Buy purchase.

Home Depot Military Discount

If you’re looking for appliances, Home Depot offers a military discount to active-duty and veteran members of the military. This discount is also extended to the spouse of an active-duty member enrolled in the Home Depot Military Discount.

The discount offered is ten percent; however, the maximum savings is 400 dollars per year. This amount will reset every calendar year.

Home Depot verifies eligibility for the discount using SheerID.

Verizon Military Discount

A discount on your new electronic devices is excellent. However, you can get discounts on your plans for those devices. Verizon offers a military discount, and the amount is dependent on the service you have.

You will need to verify through and then talk to your salesperson about what the discounts are.

AT&T Military Discount

AT&T also offers a 25 percent military discount to active-duty, veterans, and their families. You will need to sign up for the discount and provide proof of eligibility.

Find a Military Discount for Electronics

Before heading to the store, make sure you find a military discount for electronics and save. In addition, when you do get your new tech, don’t forget to recycle your old electronics.

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