Firearm/Gun Discounts For Veterans

Many Firearm/Gun corporations provide discounts for Veterans. Here is a completed list of some of those discounts.

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  • *10% Off All Accessories Plus Free Shipping at $99! includes Holsters, Holders, Mags, Knives, Optics, and More! ( view site ).
  • Palmetto State Armory: *Currently offering Free Shipping on ALL Firearms and Receivers! ( view site )
  • Aero Precision: Active military and veterans can get 10% off at Aero Precision when they verify their eligibility online. Exclusions apply ( view site ).
  • Brownells: Active military and veterans can get 1% – 10% off at Brownells when they verify their eligibility when creating an account under the information page. ( view site ).
  • Crimson Trace:  Crimson Trace offers a 30% discount to active and retired military personnel. Call (800) 442-2406 to claim this offer ( view site ).
  • CVA: CVA Firearms offers a 20% discount on select products to military personnel who can provide valid proof of service. Restrictions apply ( view site ).
  • FN America: Active and retired military personnel can get a discount on one firearm per category per year (pistol, shotgun, carbine) at authorized FN dealers or distributors ( view site ).
  • Geissele Automatics: Active duty military members can get 10% off at Geissele Automatics when they sign up using their valid military address ( view site ).
  • Glock: Glock offers firearm discounts to active and retired military personnel through their Blue Label Program. Email a copy of your valid credentials to to receive a discount. Restrictions apply ( view site ).
  • Lancer Systems: Lancer offers special pricing to military personnel. Email your valid credentials to to qualify for their discount program ( view site ).
  • Leigh Defense: Active and retired U.S. military personnel are eligible for a 10% discount at Leigh Defense. Register online and provide valid credentials ( view site ).
  • Leupold: Leupold’s VIP Program offers special pricing to active duty and veteran U.S. military members. Send an email to for verification ( view site ).
  • Lockhart Tactical: Lockhart Tactical offers a 10% discount to veterans and active duty military members who sign up for their Honor Program. Registration is free and valid ID is required ( view site ).
  • Pepper Gun Shop: All active duty and retired members of the U.S. military and National Guard can avail of discounted pricing at Pepper Gun Shop when they submit their valid credentials via email ( view site ).
  • POF USA: POF USA offers discounts on select products to active duty military members with valid ID. Contact their sales team at 623-561-9572 and fax a copy of your military ID to 623-321-1680. Restrictions apply ( view site ).
  • Primary Arms: Primary Arms offers a 10% discount on select brands to active duty military personnel and veterans. Restrictions apply ( view site )
  • Rainier Arms: Active duty military personnel are eligible for special pricing at Rainier Arms. Create and account and email your credentials to or fax them to to 253-218-2998 ( view site ).
  • Rick Hinderer Knives: Rick Hinderer Knives offers a 10% discount on XM-18 products plus priority orders for active members of the military. Exclusions apply ( view site ).
  • Ruger: Active, reserve, and retired members of the military are eligible for discounts on select firearms at Ruger. Valid credentials must be provided for each purchase ( view site ).
  • Shooter’s Pro Shop: Shooter’s Pro Shop offers a 10% discount to U.S. armed forces personnel. Valid proof of service is required is required ( view site ).
  • Sig Sauer: Active and retired military personnel can qualify for discounts on select products when they register to Sig Sauer’s Armed Professionals Program. Proof of service is required
    ( view site ).
  • SilencerCo: SilencerCo offers military discounts to active service members and veterans when they sign up for the SPEQ Program ( view site ).
  • Springfield Armory: Springfield Armory offers discounts to active duty military, retirees, and National Guard members who can present their valid ID at authorized dealers. One purchase for each type of firearm is allowed per year ( view site ).
  • Steiner Scopes: Active, reserve, and retired military personnel can apply for discounts on select Steiner Scopes products. Verify eligibility through email or call 772-325-1515 X1 ( view site ).
  • Sticky Holsters: Sticky Holsters offers a 15% discount to military personnel. Verify eligibility online to receive a coupon after 1-6 days ( view site ).
  • Tactical Gear: offers a 10% discount to active duty military, veterans, and their families. Verify using TroopID. Exclusions apply ( view site ).
  • Urban Ops Armory: Urban Ops Armory offers exclusive discounts to active duty military personnel. Contact for instructions on how to validate credentials ( view site ).
  • U.S. Optics: Active, reserve, and retired military service members can apply to the U.S. Optics discount program. Proof of service or military email address is required ( view site ).
  • Volquartsen: Volquartsen Firearms offers a 10% discount to active duty military members. Sign up for an account and submit your valid credentials to ( view site ).
  • Wolverine Supplies: Wolverine Supplies is offering a 10% discount to U.S. armed forces personnel who can present a valid military ID. Restrictions apply ( view site ).

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