Companies that donate to Veteran-owned nonprofits

This is a compilation of companies that donate to Veteran-owned nonprofits. Many companies donate to nonprofits…

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Liberty Global’s Annual Giving Campaign

Liberty Global’s “In Givers” campaign raises money for the Movember Foundation. Over 400 employees raised $75,000 in a variety of creative ways for this month-long campaign that supports men’s health research.

Liberty Global matched the donation to total a gift of $150,000.

Liberty Global’s Corporate Responsibility Program

Liberty Global supports its communities through several different programs, from promoting a digital society and protecting children from assisting local charities and foundations.

They also provide free or subsidized broadband services to their community partners, such as charities and public service providers.

Microsoft’s Annual Giving Campaign

Microsoft facilitates year-round employee philanthropy, but they make an annual push in October.

Microsoft’s campus plays host to more than 200 activities during October, including a 5K run, an online auction, and other special events. Last year alone, Microsoft employees raised a record-breaking $125 million for nearly 20,000 global nonprofits and schools.

Microsoft’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Microsoft offers nonprofits world-class productivity, platform, and cloud technology to help them do even more good in their communities.

They are also committed to supporting humanitarian relief and disaster management as well as working toward technologies and policies that are accessible to everyone.

Teradata’s Annual Giving Campaign

During Teradata’s open enrollment period for benefits, the company promotes Teradata’s Annual Employee Giving Campaign. During this campaign, the company encourages employees to give back to nonprofit organizations of their choosing.

The company will set up reoccurring payroll deductions and match employee donations, but only during this specific period.

Teradata’s Community Relations

Teradata Cares is a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference in local communities.

Teradata offers scholarship programs, community service grants, annual days of caring, and hosts the Celebration of Caring Awards.

Kaiser Permanente’s Annual Giving Campaign

Each year, from September to October, Kaiser Permanente offers an employee giving program.

Employees in certain geographic locations can submit requests for their donations to nonprofits to be matched by the company.

Program requirements are different every year and in each region.

Kaiser Permanente’s Matching Gift Program

Kaiser Permanente offers a matching gift program to its full-time and part-time employees.

Donations ranging from $25 to $200 can be matched at a 1:1 ratio to most eligible nonprofits.

Albertsons’ Corporate Philanthropy Program

Albertsons (now combined with Safeway stores) offers a wide range of philanthropic programs but primarily focuses their donations on organizations that deal with youth education, recycling, nutrition, or hunger relief.


Albertsons’ Grant Program

The Safeway Foundation (Albertsons’ philanthropic arm) offers grants to nonprofits dealing with hunger relief, education, health, and human services, and assisting people with disabilities.

Grants range in amount from $10,000 to $25,000.

Typically, organizations can’t receive a grant more than once a year. All organizations must share a report on the funds used six months after receiving a grant.

Coca-Cola’s Grant Program

Coca-Cola provides community grants year-round and sets no dollar limitations.

The Coca-Cola Foundation’s focuses include:

  • Healthy living
  • Water stewardship
  • Education
  • Recycling
  • Disaster relief.

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger customers can help support nonprofits of their choice by enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards. When members use their Plus Cards, they earn rewards for their organization.

Kroger also uses Kroger Community Rewards to help make organizational fundraising easy by using their Plus Card. Every time members of an organization use their Kroger Plus Card, they will earn a rebate. Kroger pays up to $600,000 annually to organizations using the Kroger Community Rewards program; an individual rebate maximum is $24,000 per organization.

Kroger’s Bringing Hope to the Table Program

Kroger’s Bringing Hope to the Table program donates food to local food banks and donates money to help food banks broaden their services.

The Kroger family of stores is committed to helping families put fresh, wholesome food on their tables.

Kroger partners with Feed America to ensure that American families don’t go hungry.

Whole Foods’ Corporate Philanthropy Program

Whole Foods Market helps the communities where their stores are located by donating gift cards or products to nearby nonprofits.

Additionally, Whole Foods has 5% Days four times a year; on these designated days, 5% of net sales are donated to local nonprofit organizations who have applied.

Whole Foods Foundation

The Whole Kids Foundation’s mission is to support schools and help families improve their children’s nutrition. Their School Garden Grant Program, in partnership with FoodCorps, has helped over 2,000 school gardens since 2011.

Whole Foods also just launched the Whole Cities Foundation, which strives to provide nutritious food to underserved communities. Although they are not currently accepting grant requests, they have already committed $100,000 to ReFresh’s Community Health Outreach Program and will be focusing their work in New Orleans, Englewood (South Chicago), and Jackson, MS.

Publix’s Donation Requests

Publix supports nonprofits that focus on youth, education, and homelessness.

All requests for donations, gift cards, sponsorships, and program ads must be submitted to the local media and community relations office.

Publix asks that nonprofits mail or fax their requests at least four weeks in advance.

The Fresh Market’s In-Kind Donation Program

Each Fresh Market store has a quarterly budget for in-kind donations. These stores engage in a variety of creative fundraising efforts and partnerships with local nonprofits.

In recent years, The Fresh Market has made nearly $1 million worth of in-kind donations.

The Fresh Market’s Nonprofit Partnerships

The Fresh Market partners with JDRF, No Kid Hungry, and the American Red Cross.

To date, The Fresh Market has raised over $4 million for JDRF, $757,000 for No Kid Hungry, and nearly $500,000 for the American Red Cross’s disaster relief funds.

IMF’s Annual Giving Campaign

During the IMF’s annual giving campaign, they will match employee donations to most nonprofits.

Employees and retirees can donate directly through payroll deduction or make a one-time payment. The campaign then matches donations at a .50:1 ratio.

The campaign begins in the middle of October and goes until the end of the calendar year.

American Airlines’ Global Giving Strategy

American Airlines has created a Global Giving strategy that focuses on five areas:

  • American Airlines Kids in Need which supports children and their families
  • Breast cancer awareness and research
  • Military and veterans
  • Disaster relief and response
  • Employee volunteerism and giving

American Airlines gives customers AAdvantage miles for donating to the United Service Organizations. American Airlines also donates airfare for military members and their families.

American Airlines’ American Giving

American Airlines believes that good corporate citizenship contributes to the economic and social well-being of their employees, shareholders, customers, and their communities.

They dedicate their corporate philanthropy initiative to children, human services.

Through in-kind contributions, volunteerism, and cash support, American Airlines supports nonprofit organizations that work to make a difference in their communities.

Delta’s Force for Global Good

Delta employees regularly donate their time and money to worthwhile causes and organizations.

Delta employees also spend time teaching students financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and economics.

Through the Force for Global Good, Delta Airlines and its employees give back to the communities in which they live and work.

Delta Charitable Giving

Nonprofit organizations can ask for grants from Delta through their charitable giving requests form.

Organizations can also request sponsorships for initiatives and events.

All requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the event for consideration.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Foundation offers several funding opportunities to nonprofit organizations.

They direct their funding to meet the needs of low-income communities, with a particular focus on revitalizing neighborhoods, educating the workforce, and addressing basic needs like hunger and homelessness.

Bank of America employees also help their communities through volunteerism and connect nonprofits and communities to much-needed resources.

The GE Foundation

The GE Foundation is the philanthropic arm of General Electric and focuses its efforts on global health, education, and skills-based economic growth, and entrepreneurship.

The GE Foundation does not encourage unsolicited grant proposals.

However, organizations whose mission aligns with the goals of the GE Foundation may be selected by the Foundation to receive a grant.

Google Dot Org

Google Dot Org is one of the ways that Google gives back to local, national, and global communities.

Each year, Google Dot Org donates $100,000,000 in grants, 80,000 volunteer hours, and $1 billion in products.

They provide seed funding for global entrepreneurs in developing countries, community grants, disaster relief, and much more.

Additionally, Google provides grants to help boost traffic to nonprofits’ websites through a program called Google Ad Grants.

Darden Harvest Program

The Darden Harvest Program was launched in 2003 and offers an alternative to throwing away food.

Each day, across all of their restaurants, the surplus food that isn’t served to guests is safely prepared for donation.

Darden partners with Food Donation Connection to coordinate the distribution of the donated food to food banks, shelters, and other nonprofits.

General Mills’ Global Responsibility Initiatives

General Mills’ most recent global responsibility initiatives sought to champion global food safety, increase community food and nutrition security, invest in their hometown communities, and improve global water stewardship.

General Mills also has a foundation that focuses on the sustainability of agriculture and protecting natural resources.

BP Foundation

The BP Foundation is a charitable organization that helps communities around the world by supporting STEM education, economic development, practical approaches to environmental issues, and humanitarian relief.

The foundation also provides financial assistance when natural disasters occur.

State Street’s Corporate Citizenship Program

Through their Corporate Citizenship program, State Street helps give less-advantaged people the skills they need to succeed.

They also offer nonprofit grants through the State Street Foundation. These grants often focus on education, college success, employment, and job-readiness.

Chevron’s Volunteer Grant Program

Through Chevron’s Grants for Good Volunteer Grant Program, the company provides funding to nonprofits where employees and retirees volunteer regularly.

There are two tiers for individuals who volunteer regularly:

  • 20 volunteer hours = $500 grants
  • 40 volunteer hours = $1,000 grants

Chevron’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Chevron seeks to help communities succeed by boosting local economies, improving access to healthcare, and focusing on education. In the past decade alone, Chevron has made nearly $2 billion in social investments to communities around the world.

Through their volunteer program, Chevron helps people across the globe who need access to water, food, and opportunity.

Disney’s Volunteer Grant Program

Disney VoluntEARS encourages employees to volunteer in their communities and rewards these efforts with grants to the eligible nonprofit of their choice. The grant amount varies according to total time volunteered:

  • 10-24 hours = $100
  • 25-49 hours = $250
  • 50-74 hours = $500
  • 75+ hours = $1,000

Disney also offers $2,500 grants through its “VoluntEARS of the Year” awards, which recognize exceptional individual volunteers.

Disney’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Disney is committed to strengthening communities by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to kids and families who need it most.

Through their corporate giving programs, Disney brings positive, lasting change to communities around the world.

Just last year, Disney gave over $315 million to nonprofits that help children and families.

They also donate books to children across the globe and gave over 23 million books in the past.

Starbucks’ Volunteer Grant Program

Through Starbucks’ Partner Match Program, Starbucks provides grants to nonprofits where U.S. and Canadian employees and retirees volunteer.

Starbucks employees are eligible after volunteering for at least 25 hours with an organization.

Starbucks’ Corporate Philanthropy Program

Through its corporate philanthropy program, Starbucks offers opportunities for young people, veterans, college students, farming communities, and more.

Additionally, the Starbucks Foundation, a separate 501(c)(3) organization grants money to nonprofits devoted to young people and leadership. Starbucks also, and not surprisingly, supports the coffee, tea, and cocoa communities around the world.

Outerwall’s Volunteer Grant Program

Outerwall, which is composed of Coinstar, Redbox, and ecoATM, has a volunteer grant program for its employees that will donate up to $600 per employee.

Employees must volunteer for at least 10 hours and can be rewarded for volunteering for up to 40 hours.

Employees should register their requests electronically.

Outerwall’s Matching Gift Program

Outerwall offers its full-time and part-time employees a generous matching gift program.

Donations ranging from $50 to $5,000 are eligible to be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

Most nonprofits are eligible to receive a matching donation, and employees can request matching funds until January 31st of the year following the donation date.

CVS’ Volunteer Grant Program

CVS employees can apply for Individual Volunteer Challenge Grants, which reward up to 100 hours of volunteering with up to $1,500.

Teams of 50 or more can apply for $2,500 in grants!

CVS Health Foundation

The CVS Health Foundation is a private foundation that issues grants that go toward healthcare, education, and local community involvement efforts.

The CVS Health Foundation also supports scholarships for pharmacy students and scholarships for the children of CVS employees.

Best Buy Foundation

The Best Buy Foundation brings technology to teens and gives back to the communities in which they do business.

The Best Buy Foundation is committed to giving through national grants, community grants, Twin Cities grants, and capital campaign support.

Best Buy’s Team Volunteer Grant Program

When groups of two or more Best Buy Mobile employees collectively provide volunteer services to a nonprofit organization, they can earn up to $500 annually for the nonprofit.

When groups of five or more employees at all other Best Buy locations volunteer together, they can earn $1,000 awards for the nonprofit.

Kohl’s Team Volunteer Grant Program

Through Kohl’s Associates in Action Program, Kohl’s provides grants to nonprofits when groups of employees volunteer together.

A minimum of five employees from one Kohl’s location must volunteer for no less than three consecutive hours in a single day to receive a $500 Associates in Action grant.

Since the inception of Kohl’s team volunteer grant program in 2001, they’ve donated $79 million thanks to 834,000 associate volunteers.

Kohl’s Corporate Responsibility

Kohl’s aids its local communities by partnering with:

  • Hospitals
  • Nonprofits in the greater Milwaukee area
  • US Youth Soccer

They also offer a “Kohl’s Care” fundraising gift card program for nonprofit organizations that are looking to raise more money.

Verizon’s Team Volunteer Grant Program

Verizon will match funds raised by employees who collectively participate in an organized fundraising event.

The Team Fundraising Program is open to teams of ten or more Verizon employees who participate in the cause-related walk, run, or bike events. Verizon will match up to $1,000 in funds raised per team member and up to $10,000 per team event.

The Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Verizon. They’re dedicated to solving critical social issues in the areas of education, healthcare, and energy management.

Grant applications are by invitation only. Nonprofits are encouraged to contact their Community Relations Manager to see if they are eligible to apply.

CarMax’s Team Volunteer Grant Program

CarMax’s Volunteer Team Building grants are perfect for employees who like to volunteer together!

CarMax will donate $1,000 when five or more employees participate in a run or walk benefiting an eligible nonprofit.

They will also donate $1,000 when 25 or more associates volunteer with a single nonprofit.

CarMax’s Matching Gift Program

CarMax offers a matching gift program to full-time, part-time, and retired employees.

Employees can have their donations to most nonprofits matched at a 1:1 ratio.

The minimum amount that CarMax will match is $25, and they will double donations up to $10,000.

IBM’s Team Volunteer Grant Program

IBM’s team volunteer grants support current and retired employees who volunteer together.

Groups can request up to $7,500 in IBM equipment grants for eligible schools and nonprofits. Employees and retirees must volunteer for a collected 40 hours before they are eligible to apply.

Southwest Airlines’ Charitable Giving

Southwest Airlines gives charitable donations to nonprofits that focus on families facing serious illnesses, military families, disaster response, and sustainability initiatives.

Southwest Airlines has also partnered with the Project for Public Spaces to invest in Placemaking, an initiative to reimagine and reform public spaces in communities.

The Heart of the Community program was formed in 2014 and has been building parks and encouraging volunteerism in local communities.

Southwest Airlines’ Medical Transportation Grant Program

Southwest Airlines provides a Medical Transportation Grant to nonprofit hospitals and medical transportation organizations.

The grant offers free roundtrip tickets to organizations to use how they see fit.

Over 40,000 tickets have been distributed since the program started in 2007.

United Airlines’ In-Kind Donations

United Airlines offers in-kind donations in the way of airline transportation certificates and cash support on a limited basis.

Individuals can also donate their MileagePlus miles to several different charities including the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, the Dream Foundation, and Feeding America. Donations can be made online.

United Airlines’ Grant Program

United Airlines offers cash support to eligible nonprofits on a limited basis.

To qualify, a nonprofit must apply online and include specific information surrounding the event or project for which they are requesting donations.

All requests must be made online no later than ninety days in advance of an event.

JetBlue’s Volunteer Grant Program

JetBlue’s volunteer grant program, Community Connection, aligns corporate giving with the individual passions of JetBlue’s crew-members.

For every 25 hours that employee volunteers, JetBlue will grant a nonprofit with a voucher for a round-trip flight.

Alaska Airlines’ Volunteer Grant Program

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air offer employees a volunteer grant program that awards up to $1,000 to a nonprofit each year.

After employees volunteer at least 5 hours with an organization, the company will provide a volunteer grant of $10 per hour to that nonprofit.

Hilton’s Corporate Responsibility Program

Hilton’s Travel with Purpose program has played an important role in bringing their vision to life by uniting their organization around issues such as youth opportunity, environmental stewardship, and community resiliency.

The program provides a framework for global goals and solutions while supporting their teams to achieve local impact.

InterContinental’s Corporate Responsibility Program

InterContinental Hotels Group, which is composed of InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Hotel Indigo, Staybridge Suites, Even Hotels, and others, works with charitable organizations whose focus is on environmental sustainability, local economic opportunities, or disaster relief.

InterContinental Hotels Group also helps individuals build their careers through the IHG Academy, giving local people skills training and education. They provide disaster relief through their IHG Shelter in a Storm program.

InterContinental’s Grant Program

InterContinental supports charities that operate in one of their areas of focus:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic opportunity
  • Disaster relief

InterContinental works to ensure that the grants they issue have the biggest possible impact, using criteria that help them target their donations effectively

SeaWorld Conservation Fund

SeaWorld’s Conservation Fund has four major focus areas:

  • Species research
  • Habitat protection
  • Conservation education
  • Animal rescue and rehabilitation

Applications for a SeaWorld grant must be received by November 30th to be considered for funding in the first two quarters of the following year.

SeaWorld’s Community Affairs Program

SeaWorld supports three related areas of philanthropic focus:

  • Children
  • Education
  • Environment

They partner with charities across the country whose values and missions align with their own.

Universal’s Donation Request Program

Universal primarily donates theme park tickets to qualified nonprofits who educate youth, strengthen the community, and fall under Universal’s focus areas. Preference is given to nonprofits based in Central Florida.

All applications for theme park tickets must be made online.

Universal’s Corporate Philanthropy Program

Universal extends its support throughout Central Florida to make positive changes for a better place to live. Their inspiration is today’s youth and the future of a diverse universe.

They focus their efforts on empowering youth to be extraordinary and being a caring community partner.

Host Hotels’ Corporate Citizenship Program

Last year, Host Hotels supported nearly 200 charities and nonprofits.

Their employees volunteered more than 440 hours of community service throughout 6 different events.

They also contributed to their employees’ charities of choice through their Denim Day program, giving to a different nonprofit each month.

Choice Hotels’ Volunteer Grant Program

Choice Hotels’ volunteer grant program, “Giving Time,” makes donations to the nonprofits where corporate employees volunteer their time.

Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours before they can apply for a volunteer grant.

The specific grant amount varies based on the number of hours volunteered in a calendar year.

Costco’s Charitable Giving Program

Costco’s warehouses and regional offices specifically support programs focused on children, education, and health and human services.

They accept requests for warehouse donations, regional office donations, and grants.

The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation pledges to improve the homes and lives of U.S. veterans and their families.

Their grants allow their nonprofit partners to purchase materials and supplies for community volunteer projects.

Also, Team Depot, their associate-led volunteer force, is making a difference for veterans in the communities where their associates live and work.

State Farm Community Involvement

State Farm and the State Farm Companies Foundation focus charitable grants on nonprofit initiatives that build safer, strong, and better-educated communities.

The Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants support the communities in which State Farm employees live and work. The grant focuses on two areas: safety and education.

The Target Foundation

The Target Foundation supplies arts grants and social services grants to programs and organizations in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area who make arts and cultural experiences less costly and who provide food and shelter to at-risk communities and families.

Target also awards public safety grants to help prevent crime, support young people, and train law enforcement.

Walmart’s Community Grant Program

Walmart consistently donates more than $1.3 billion annually worldwide.

Their community grant program begins on February 1, and applications must be submitted by December 31.

Grant awards range from $250 – $2,500. Walmart has specific guidelines for both how to submit as well as for determining eligible and exempt organizations.

Walmart’s Volunteer Grant Program

Through Walmart’s Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) program, the company offers individual and team grants for employees who volunteer at nonprofits.

After Walmart employees volunteer 25 hours with an organization, Walmart provides a volunteer grant of $250.

Groups of Walmart employees who volunteer together or participate in fundraising events are eligible to request VAP grants between $500 and $5,000.

JC Penney’s Volunteer Grant Program

The JC Penney Award for Community Service honors current and retired employees who volunteer at nonprofits.

Grant amounts vary depending on the time spent volunteering, but employees can request anywhere from $50 to $500 to go toward the nonprofit they volunteer with.

Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours before they are eligible to apply for a volunteer grant.

JC Penney Cares Program

JC Penney Cares is an affiliated nonprofit entity that is committed to helping kids succeed by keeping them safe, healthy, and engaged beyond the classroom.

They form partnerships with organizations and distribute grants to those nonprofits.

They also offer cause marketing opportunities to select organizations.

Office Depot’s Volunteer Grant Program

Office Depot’s volunteer grant program rewards employees who regularly volunteer at a nonprofit organization.

Employees must volunteer for at least 40 hours. After that, they can apply for a $250 volunteer grant.

Each employee is eligible to apply for two grants per calendar year.

Dick‘s Sporting Goods’ Grant & Sponsorship Program

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers donations and sponsorships to sports teams and leagues. They support organizations that have a focus on sports as well as organizations that promote physical activity for young people.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has an easy-to-use online donation request process, so make sure to fill out your donation application in advance.

Dick‘s Sporting Goods Foundation

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation recently announced a $25 million multiyear commitment to address the growing issue of underfunded youth athletic programs in America.

The Foundation matches community donations on a 1:1 basis and will award up to $2 million annually through its Sports Matter program to financially burdened youth sports teams.

Gap’s Matching Gift Program

Gap matches part- and full-time employees’ donations as well as those of retirees.

Contributions ranging from $25 to $10,000 are eligible to be matched to most nonprofits at a 1:1 ratio.

Match requests must be made 120 days after the original donation date.

Gap’s Volunteer Grant Program

For every 15 hours a Gap employee volunteers with a nonprofit in a calendar year, the company will provide a $150 grant to the organization.

For every 25 hours a store team of three or more employees volunteers with a nonprofit that serves youth or women, Gap gives a $250 grant to that organization.

Grants of $1,000 to $10,000 are provided to nonprofits where Gap employees sit on the board.

Macy’s Volunteer Grant Program

Through Macy’s “Earnings for Learnings” program, educational institutions are eligible to receive $250 grants after individual volunteers for at least 15 hours in a calendar year.

This program is open to Macy’s employees, retirees, spouses, and children over the age of 14.

Each Macy’s family can request up to two volunteer grants annually.

The Reebok Foundation

BOKS, the main initiative of the Reebok Foundation, promotes physical activity for children in schools.

Additionally, the Reebok Foundation has promoted social and economic equality by funding programs that support inner-city youth and underserved demographics.

Nordstrom’s Grant Program

Nordstrom offers cash grants to eligible nonprofits. To apply, the organization must provide a description of the nonprofit, the dollar amount requested, list of officers and directors, history of the nonprofit, most recent annual report or form 990, and a W9 form.

All requests must be submitted by October 1 at midnight for consideration for the following year.

 also allows local organizations to use their stores to solicit customers. However, there are guidelines for nonprofits who wish to use Albertsons as part of their fundraiser. The stores also collect donations at cash registers for local food banks.