Can Disabled Veterans student loan debt be 100% eliminated? Yes, help get this BILL passed!!

90% of bills don’t pass the Senate: The FREED Vets Act has been stuck in the Senate’s Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security for over 6-months.

About FREED Vets Act: 

This bill would automatically eliminate the student loan debt of disabled veterans. The FREED Vets Act would also automatically help our disabled veterans who cannot complete the paperwork due to potential mental disabilities.

But I heard Trump relieved Veterans of their student loan debts:

In 2019, President Trump promised to automatically remove veterans’ student loan debt. This was supported by Vice President Mike Pence however, very little progress has been made. Given the fact that no legislation was produced to hold the administration accountable to enforce such an action, less than half of the country’s 50,000 veterans with severe disabilities have had their debt erased. The FREED Vets Act would cement that process for those that have disabilities.

How to help get this bill passed:

The following people are on the committee in which the FREED Vets ACT currently resides. They have not made any public progress with this bill in six months. The best way to help this bill get passed is to email the committee and ask them to focus on getting this bill passed.



How to contact the bills decision-makers

This is the full list of the current committee in charge of this bill as of Sep 17th, 2020. To get this to pass you must go to each of the member’s personal websites and fill out their email contact form with the issue listed as FREED Vets ACT and message them to pass this bill for the sake of our disabled veterans. It’s a shame it’s taken this long but a community effort should push the members to focus on getting this bill passed.

Who is eligible

Veterans who have been assigned a rating of total disability by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for a service-connected disability (as defined in section 101 of title 38, United States Code); or

Veterans who have been determined by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to be unemployable due to a service-connected condition.